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It is our goal to change your life for the better. And we make that possible by delivering high-quality dentistry in a caring and patient-focused
environment that we know you’ll love!

What are the things that make us different?
  • • Patients Come First
  • • Quality Dentistry
  • • Relaxing Atmosphere
  • • Patient Education

  • • Exceptional Team
  • • Continual Improvement

TriStar Dental Studio

Dr. Scott Rachels

Creating a relaxing and enjoyable dental experience.

Dr. Rachels knew wholeheartedly from age 14 that he wanted to be a dentist. That passion for dentistry drove him to complete school with high honors and still drives him to work each day to the best of his abilities. When you visit TriStar Dental Studio, you can know that you are being treated by a dentist who is not only gifted and highly-trained, but also very passionate about improving your life.

Sleep Apnea Treatment with Oral Appliances

Suffer with snoring, daytime drowsiness or irritability?

Do you wake with headaches or feel unrefreshed after sleeping all night? Sleep breathing disorders can compromise your quality of life, but more concerning, sleep breathing disorders can often compromise your overall health as well.


Smile Reconstruction

You don’t have to ever feel embarrassed by your smile.

When your teeth are worn down, damaged or missing, it can negatively impact your confidence and your health. With today’s leading dental technologies, we can restore smiles with permanent, natural-looking solutions.